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E49 Dr Steve Gittings with NOAA
E48 Six Year Old Ocean Explorer Ian
E47 John Mirabella of Castaway Waterfront Restaurant and Sushi Bar
E46 Tiffany Duong – Ocean Explorer
E45 Submersible Operations Students Amy, Lisa and Christine
E44 The Incredible Seacamp with Camp Director Judy
E43 From Qatar to Seacamp with Dowla
E42 Submersible Operations Students Blaine, Salty Locs, Rachael and Dennis
E41 Nate Lionfish Extermination Corp
E40 Christine the Lionfish Huntress
E39 Angi the Conservationist and Character
E38 Julie Philbert aka SaltyLocs
E37 Steven Our Gracious Antigua Open Host
E36 Jim and Stacy from Lionfish University
E35 Kaj From Belize in Antigua
E34 Lisa from the History of Diving Museum
E33 Ivana from Curacao at DEMA
E32 Job from Bonaire at DEMA
E31 Patrick Smith in the Florida Keys
E30 Arnold Postell – South Carolina Aquarium JuLionfish Derby
E29 Lisette and Dunja Curacao Lionfish Derby Recap
E28 Dunja with Central Dive Curacao
E27 Farra and Joline Freediving Lionfish Hunters in Curacao
E26 Citizen Scientist Dan in Aruba
E25 Abigail with Lionator Pole Spears in Aruba
E24 Intern Teagan at Tobacco Caye Marine Station Belize
E23 Roxy and Her Lionfish PhD Project
E22 Sietske And Arikok National Park Aruba
E21 Lisette with Lionfish Caribbean and Lionfish and Mangoes
E20 Caribbean Lionfish Alliance with Martin and Dick
E19 Lionfish Snack Aruba
E18 – Holden Harris and I Geeking Out
E16 – How StingMaster Was Invented – with Reza
E15 – Ivana From Sunny Curacao
E14 – StingMaster Stephanie
E13 – Alex Fogg Conversation at DEMA 2021
E12 – Tim Robinson of Zookeeper at DEMA 2021
E11 – Olacoral and Netless Catch with Anthony Valiulis
E10 – Lionfish Bling with Phil Karp – Citizen Scientist
E9 – Lionfish Crew Sal Phil Anthony and Willie
E8 – Sal Delello President of ReefSave Inc
E7 – Shikha and Sadie Volunteers at ReefCI
E6 – From Scratch is Bol’s Nickname – ReefCI
E5 – Becca and Bea Volunteers at ReefCI
E4 – ReefCI Worm
E3 – ReefCI Luis
E2 – Willie and Abby of ReefCI
E1 – ReefCI Introduction

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It’s About Education!

In order to find real solutions to deal with the invasive Lionfish we need to continually educate the public. We are part of Lionfish Central, a 501(c)3 charitable organization dedicated to providing tools for all sectors of the lionfish community.

We will use this platform as a way to educate about everything lionfish, We will also utilize this to make updates on the many projects we have going on throughout the 4 regions hit the hardest – The Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic, the Caribbean and the Mediterranean Sea.


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